Be challenged!

Our specialty is crafting a mission unique to your company, its needs, and culture. Participants compete in teams like tactical Marines, hit the water, or crawl through NEO's newest food scene. Build camaraderie, sharpen problem solving skills, exercise creativity... or just have fun!


Ultra Missions works with schools, religious groups, and businesses - including some of the largest legal and financial organizations in Ohio.  An Ultra Missions high-impact learning experience has been shown to improve productivity, increase communication, motivation and boost morale.  And participants have a blast!  


Our missions provide a vehicle to finding new synergies with coworkers in a setting outside the workplace.  Eliminate political and personal barriers.  Enhance problem-solving abilities.  Develop strength and cohesion as a team.

Tell us a bit about your crew, and we'll work with you to design an adventure people will be talking about for years.  Packages are available for every budget.