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Acquire experiences, not things

The happiest people, psychologists agree, fill their lives with experiences, not material goods. 

Experiences like paddle board lessons, paddle tours, paddle racing, company outings and boot camps, and summer camps provide greater happiness than acquiring more material goods.  Happiness from experiences grows rather than diminishes, forming the stories we share, memories we hold, skills we build, and our identity.

Shake up your life - and the lives of those you love and work with.  Jump into an Ultra Mission you'll never forget.


Kids’ camps



Stand up paddleboard lessons | Yoga | Tours | Races


Summer’s Coming!

Join us for our upcoming events!

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Try the XL paddle board group experience!

Go BIG or go home with our 17' XL Ride!

As many as six people can fit on this super-sized board and paddling as a group is fun, sociable and great exercise. Bring a group of up to 6 people or 1000 pounds. 

1 hour instructor-led experience. Equipment included. All skill levels welcome!

Register for kids’ camp!

With an emphasis on instruction and skill development in standup paddle boarding, Dr. Lynne Nagy leads camp activities with support from a highly trained, professional staff. Water and land activities build problem solving skills and enhance fitness in a fun, safe, and collegial environment. Summer Camp is 3 hrs/day for 5 consecutive weekdays.  Ages 8-18.


Events & Celebrations

Birthday | Bridal | Bachelorette | Reunion | Bat & Bar Mitzvahs


Professional Development

Graduate-level professional development  | ASI paddle instructor certifications


Corporate Missions

Boot camps | Urban missions | Food crawls | Customized challenges

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Stand Up Paddle Boards | Paddles

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"I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive."

— Joseph Campbell